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Food For Thought (EP 7): Let's Plan Our Time

Salam to those who live their lives in harmony with the purpose of creation!

Ömer Arif 

The phrase “time is a treasure” is a universal rule that has guided our approach to the irreversible sequence of existence and events. As obedience servants of Allah who are trying to fulfil the purpose of creation, time is of greater importance. Anyone who fails to take charge of his time ends up submitting his life to the unstoppable waves of time.  

Consequently, making a daily plan becomes sacrosanct. As a Muslim who wants to plan his day, these are some items you should/may consider in your programme:


  1. Performing the five daily prayers with the congregation at its time.
  2. Reading and studying a portion of the Qur’an.  
  3. Making the morning and evening adhkar.
  4. Reading like three hadiths daily from authentic books of hadith. If possible, one should memorize them. The reading can also be in the form of a tea talk with one’s family.
  5. Performing an act of charity.
  6. Avoiding vain talks.
  7. Exercising for at least thirty minutes, even if it’s just to take a walk.
  8. Perfecting one’s work and deeds.
  9. Performing the supererogatory salawat (nawafil).  
  10. Being tolerant to others and supplicating for them.
  11. Giving thanks and making dua to Allah in the presence of the children for them to emulate.
  12. Performing an act of dawah and tabligh.

While all these sound good, it is crucial to know that they are only possible when distractions like mobile phones, television etc., are put away, or their usage is minimized.

Change is an essential, indispensable phenomenon in our lives, and creating a planned program is an opportunity for positive change. Thus, let’s be one of those who take advantage of this opportunity.

Our Lord has provided us with a worship-centred framework for planning our days. A Muslim who adopts this framework can always draft a convenient schedule that commeasures his workload.

Salam to those who live their lives in harmony with the purpose of creation!

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