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The Rise of the Extreme Right in Europe

Ebu Mucahit* 

Right-wing is on the rise in Europe in the 2020s. Right-wing extremist movements tend to grow during times of crises. These times of crisis might be personal, political, or economical. Following 2018, the economic crisis begins to manifest itself globally. However, with Covid in particular, the economic crisis transforms into a social crisis in 2019, and after 2021, it transforms into an individual crisis.

After 2010, the disagreement between the superpowers that agreed to exploit the world first increased their internal struggles, and this battle came to light with the Ukraine-Russia war. People in the country started to relate to this battle in the colonial western nations, and they started to come up with incisive, understandable solutions to the issues. The west, in my view, would consider this answer to be the right-wing. Right-winger Donald Trump served as president of the United States before. We considered his speech strange because it came from a western to which we are not accustomed. We described him as being opinionated, crazy, and illiterate. Trump, though, was right-wing in the West, and his ideas were direct and to the point. Trump had anti-immigrant sentiments, wanted to dominate in the USA rather than the rest of the globe, and opposed globalists and climate change. He did so because he was a right-wing thinker.

What is rightism in the west? It differs from what we consider right-wing here in the Muslim world (Turkey). Here, it is perceived as returning to the time before Islam and avoiding religious allusions while portraying the 20th-century modernist (morality-free) manner of life. In Europe, however, there is;

references to religion,

·       To value traditions,

·       Anti-Muslim racism

·       Anti-immigration

·       Anti-colonialism

·       Patriotism

·       Anti-LGBT

·       General moral discourse

·       Anti-European Union

·       Giving importance to the family

·       Future plans…

They have similar beliefs and thoughts. Giorgia Meloni, which won the most votes in the Italian elections, is the best example of this. She has continued to criticize the colonial legacy of France and claimed that it was to blame for the looting of Africa and the influx of immigrants into Europe. Meloni's remarks and comments mirrored those of Donald Trump exactly. This issue puts France in a difficult position and corners it while strengthening England in their battle with France. Immigrants in Europe may face significant issues in the future due to the development of the right-wing in Europe. Especially due to the European right's Islamophobic stance, challenges will arise for Muslim immigrants residing in Europe.

There are numerous areas where the ideologies of Muslims and European rightists converge. While European pagans, paganists and non-rule multinational companies are suffocating the world and planning to destroy the ‘crop and lineage’, this rising trend in Europe may seem like evil for the Islamic world, but it can cause good. These interrupt the thoughts of large corporations. The vampires who have their eyes on this worldly aim can be stopped by people, animals, and nature. On occasion, Allah uses unbelievers to benefit Islam and Muslims.

The right-wing is expanding quickly in the United States, France, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany. EU finds itself in a risky scenario, with France and Germany at the forefront. The EU might fall apart. This could present a new challenge for multinational corporations that operate with complete disregard for ethics and the rule of law. On the other hand, this situation can be a means of salvation for the Islamic world. An uptick in anti-exploitation rhetoric in the West, a front opening in the war against pagan family-destroyer cults, the collapse of global conglomerates, or the outbreak of a new battle are all possibilities. Before this battle breaks out, the Islamic world must join together, agree, demonstrate unity in action, and eventually construct a solid political unity. The next century will be the century of the Muslim world. Justice will prevail on earth. Muslims living in Europe should strengthen their relations, increase their civil society institutions, and stand stronger by ignoring their differences. If not, it could be too late tomorrow.

*This article was translated from Turkish to English language by Shakeeb Hasan 

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