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The USA’s HAARP and matters arising…

Ebu Masum Mücahit

The US’s High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) structure expresses its goals as follows:

1.          To control climate,

2.          To destroy high-altitude missiles coming from the air,

3.          Liaising with submarines,

4.          To ensure communication in the USA with its troops from different parts of the world,

5.          To cut off communication when necessary,

6.          Interfering with earthquakes,

7.          To control the ionosphere,

8.          Interfering with electronic devices.


Why and How Was HAARP Founded?

HAARP was established in 1993 in Alaska to control the US navy and air force. The inventor of this idea is Tesla, who is from Yugoslavia. He works with Edison on electricity and light bulbs. He discovered that powerful energy could be created by sending low-level magnetic waves into the atmosphere. His main goal was to turn electricity from a profitable acquisition into an acquisition that could be supplied from the air and used free of charge by the entire society. Capitalist businessmen did not show interest in it and did not support it. Besides, Tesla’s idea did not attract the attention of other states. Later, he invented the earthquake machine to attract attention to his project. His invention of the earthquake machine at that time caught the attention of the United States. The US air force agreed with Tesla and started working together. However, Tesla could not agree with the US air force in the later period and later left there. At the end of the process, Tesla died in a hotel room without money and payment, for which the US air force confiscated all his property.

What are the Features and Power of HAARP?

Almost fifty years have passed, and the USA established the organization called HAARP in Alaska. The facility has 180 antennae. Although the first construction phase was designed to simulate earthquakes and meteorological conditions, the American public regards it as a military base. An indication of the many inhuman acts it may commit. To say the list, a large amount of magnetic energy is emitted from this structure.

The antennas within the HAARP facility can transform the low energy that the atmosphere gives to the ionosphere layer into high energy. The ionosphere uses this energy like a lens. The energy produced by these antennas and some connected devices can be sent to the desired region. HAARP can produce ten times the energy of the atomic bomb dropped at Hiroshima with only an hour of work.

The USA accepted HAARP technology as a weapon industry. The USA stated that this technology could produce earthquakes and create a magnetic field. In the past, ships belonging to HAARP brought disaster wherever they went. However, the scientists of the global gang, the UN, did not accept what HAARP did. The leaders of all UN member countries, which we know as the brains of the global gang, did not even take any precautions against it. Scientists who speak against HAARP are silent or silenced later for some reason… HAARP can also be processed in the codes of global Zionism, which we know as the Illuminati. Why? Because both the Illuminati and HAARP serve the global gang.

HAARP is also capable of climate change. Bill Gates and Elon Musk, who are climate change sponsors, are also financers and partners of HAARP. This global gang is planning to starve and kill societies and reduce the world population through climate change. Cows encourage artificial meat production by making plans to kill animals because it causes global warming.

Didn’t they burn the world’s forests with Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites because of global warming? (See: “Who is burning our forests?” in the Cognition Post.) Didn’t they burn the wheat of the farmers in Europe, Africa and Asia with satellites again this year? What happened to the pandemic? Where did the virus go? Again, didn’t they imprison the world at home for a year and a half using the WHO, the outpost of the UN gang? How quickly we forget them. Wasn’t Bill Gates the sponsor of the pandemic and the Paris Climate Agreement? Who will stop what this gang is doing? We forget what they have done and submit to what they will do again. Bill Gates, the sponsor of HAAR, said, “People will run to their deaths like running to a slaughterhouse. We will reduce the world population to 700 million.” wasn’t he saying?

What Kinds of Activities have been done before with the help of HAARP?

There are many incidents related to the work done by HAARP. For instance, temperatures in 2010 rose in an unprecedented way in Russia. Russian Physics scholars said it was the work of HAARP. HAARP also created artificial snow in Arizona. In fact, Hurricane Sandy had occurred a week before the previous US elections, and the US energy department had said it was an artificial hurricane.

Shortly before the earthquake in Turkey, a US warship Nidze (ddg94), equipped with HAARP technology, with a length of 350 m, with 45,000 receivers, powered by six pieces of 3.6 MW generators, with a range of 2800, came to the Bosphorus and then earthquakes occur. This raises serious doubts about this recent earthquake in Turkey.

This ship was a ship with HAARP earthquake technology. The US administration arrogantly and harshly hung a rather small Turkish flag in front of a large US flag.

This is a ship that previously served in Yemen during the 2014 war. In the 1999 Gölcük earthquake, the USA came to the lake base, and the historical 7.4 Marmara earthquake occurred. The same ship was in the international waters of the Aegean during the 6.6 earthquake that occurred in Izmir in 2020. Again, this ship’s arrival in Turkey coincided with the moment when the United States closed the consulate general in Istanbul, as well as the consulates of 8 other European countries, on the pretext of terrorism.

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, shortly before the ship arrived in Turkey, told US Ambassador to Turkey Jeff Flake, “Get your dirty hands off our country.” he said. The ship was posing in front of the Dolmabahçe Palace, and the ambassador was posing with the flags behind. The ship passes to the Gölcük shipyard. Then, on February 5, there was an earthquake of 3 magnitude in Istanbul / Kağıthane, where there was no fault line. Many scientists say that this earthquake was created by human hands.

Earthquake experts have been saying for several years that there is an energy build-up in Istanbul. This ship does not create an earthquake. It can only trigger the accumulated energy. It is sent to an accumulated area, and the energy accumulated under the ground is triggered and released. This creates an earthquake. When the earthquake in Istanbul was not successful, this time, an earthquake was triggered in another place where energy was accumulated. This trigger was effective in 10 provinces in South East Anadolu, and two main earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.7 and 7.6 occurred one after another. These two earthquakes took place at a distance of 30 km despite the aftershocks of these earthquakes felt like the main earthquake. HAARP seems to have been successful. Thousands of buildings were destroyed in Turkey. However, they do not know that we are not a nation that has brought us to its knees with threats throughout history.

Games Desired to be Played Over the Earthquake in Turkey

The earthquake is over, but the work of this ship and its henchmen is not. With bot (fake social media) accounts, a perception was tried to be created with discourses such as nobody intervenes in the earthquake, there is no state, there is no aid, there is no one in this city. Then there was a movement against the refugees because there were a few isolated incidents of looting. Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu used to say to the US ambassador: “I know who you are meeting with and what you want to do.” In other words, the Turkish state has taken measures against them. But they will not be idle. Because on May 1, 2022, the UN’s Humanitarian Coordination Office opened an office only in Turkey after OCHA New York. That is the name of this office, but this office is an office that researches the psychology of people in civil war situations. Bur which civil war and which psychology?

These all are the plan of infidels for years ahead. On the day of the Kahramanmaraş earthquake, the Economist magazine said: “Bad construction and internal conflict will increase the death toll.” Can we call the title a coincidence? How do they know about the civil war? So they are planning to do something like this through their henchmen.

What is the US warship doing even during the natural disaster? Will they pull out the people under the dent? US President Biden says the US warship is ready to help Turkey. CIA agent Michael Rubin, who is also one of the Turkish-friendly experts of the USA: “If the Turkish government does not help Kurdish towns and villages, the USA should do so directly.” says. What does that mean? What do the Kurds mean to you? Kurds are our brothers. We are all Kurds. We are all Turks. How do you know that Turkey will not help? As the Turkish interior minister said: “If you are a friend, let us know who will attack. Or will your rental organizations do business? 

On February 10, 2023, the US gave a market permit to its soldiers in Adana Incirlik Base, where there was an earthquake in Turkey. If there is terrorism in Turkey, then why are you giving your soldiers a market permit? Or will these soldiers start a conflict? Strange!!! You are closing the consulate in Istanbul for security reasons! So why are you sending your ship to an unsafe place? Your ambassador is making a statement in an unsafe place. Who believes them? And what about that immoral Charlie Hebdo? There is no need to send tanks to Turkey. He is making a drawing of an earthquake. Even immorality has a level. Do they care that thousands of people were left homeless and thousands of people died on this winter day? Libertarian, liberal, democratic West!!! You are nothing but a monster with one tooth left.

So, why is this happening in Turkey, a country that the USA describes as an ally at every opportunity, ratified the Climate Agreement, put the Istanbul Convention into effect, and takes an active role in NATO? Do these actions against Turkey herald the third world war? Or to force Turkey, which sided with the British Rothschilds in the Anglo-French war, to change sides with pink revolutions? Turkey is no longer acting with Rocke Feller and the EU (temple, mason and Arz-ı mevutdçu).


I hope we will get through this as a nation and as an ummah. The people of the region should definitely not come to the provocations. You cannot divide this nation, which has lived in brotherhood for 1000 years, into Kurdish-Turkish, Alevi-Sunni. Of course, there are traitors and those who neglect their duties in this nation. If the fire falls, it will burn us all. We will heal the wounds together. A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. We saw that the first people who came to aid in this earthquake were the Muslim people. While the Kafir was coming with a warship, only Qatar provided four times more aid than all of Europe. Even village associations in Turkey started a charity campaign. Let us not forget that God also has an account. The state has taken measures. They tried the same things on the trip on July 15. May Allah have mercy on those who died. This nation and this ummah will heal the wounds of the survivors. Look at the aid provided by Islamic countries. Allah is the best planner as compared to those who set a trap. Allah is vengeful. If their HAARP plans to trigger the earthquake and their henchmen to cause chaos, then Allah is enough for us. I hope what they know will be good.

Although the earthquake has already passed, the wounds are still healing. It is clear who is a friend and who is a foe. After that, if we shake hands with these enemies and continue our alliance with them, then the real problem will continue. We must have well-fed horses (powerful weapons) to intimidate them. There should be no love in our hearts other than the love of Allah, and our friendships should be for the sake of Allah. Believers are only brothers. Our parents must be believers. As believers, we will continue to ask for one of the two good deeds. We will have no desire other than to become a veteran or a martyr. Neither HAARP, cannons, nor missiles can intimidate our faithful hearts. With greetings and prayers…

Translated by: Mohammad Nadimur Rahman

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